Shaanxi Weihe Tool Co.,Ltd is one professional manufacturer of tools and moulds in electronic industry,established in 1960,It covers 345,000 SQ meters and staffs with 1,000 personnel.

Main products:Precision Dies and Moulds,Press Works,Precision Cold Press Die Sets,Cutting Tools(taps reamer miller),Gear and Harmonic Driving Gears,Parallel vise,Pneumatic and Hydraulic Fixtures etc.Enterprises have passed ISO 9001 International Quality System Certification


Innovation platform

★ National Enterprise Technology Center--Shaanxi Weihe Industrial Mould Co.,Ltd.Enterprise Technology Center
★ National Engineering Research Center--Robot Reducer Engineering Research Center
★ Resource Convergence Platform for"Mass Innovation and Innovation"of National Industrial Chain--"Mass Innovation and Innovation Platform of Robot Key Parts Industrial Chain"
★ National strong foundation engineering demonstration project--High-precision reducer"through-train"application project demonstration project
★ Shaanxi Provincial Robot Reducer Engineering Research Center
★ Shaanxi Enterprise Technology Center
★ Shaanxi Provincial Technical Innovation Demonstration Enterprise
★ Shaanxi Province Postdoctoral Innovation Work Base


Core Competence

★ Formulate 6 national standards and 9 ministerial standards;We are revising and working out three national provincial and ministerial standards.
★ It has 28 patents,including 5 invention patents
★ Two National Science and Technology Progress Awards and 8 Provincial Science and Technology Progress Awards
★ In the past 60 years,we have focused on the four core basic components,with rich technology deposition and obvious process characteristics
★ At the same time,the company has heat treatment,surface treatment,special tools,precision parts and other technologies,forming the company's collaborative innovation


Information construction

★ 3D CAD design based on MBD,3D CAE simulation based on MBD,3D CAPP based on MBD,CAM manufacturing
★ The simulation knowledge base is established,which can be used for rapid design verification
★ Formed"Harmonic Product Design Criterion",to realize the rapid design of user personalized customization
★ PLM product life cycle management
★ Realized the ERP+MES fine production management
★ Realized the"parts+data packet"new production mode
★ Realized the high tolerance assembly based on big data,and realized the new commodity mode of"product+data packet"


Main products

Precision transmission class
● Harmonic gear reducer for steering gear:transmission accuracy 3 points(1 points for single stage),transmission ratio 64~500(30~200 for single stage)output torque 5N.M~500N.M
● Robot harmonic reducer:transmission accuracy:ordinary type 1 arc minute,high precision 30 seconds,back gap 10 arc seconds,life L50 not less than 30000 hours,L10 life not less than 10000 hours
● Planetary reducer:transmission accuracy 3 points(single stage),transmission ratio 3~10(single stage),output torque 5N.M~500N.M
● Small module gear:the minimum module 0.15mm,gear accuracy up to 5 level or above
● Ball screw pair:minimum nominal diameter of 6mm,maximum nominal diameter of 100mm,maximum lead 40,precision class P3 above
● Worm gear and worm pair:end module 0.2~5,the maximum number of heads 5,the maximum helix Angle 20 degrees,precision up to more than 6 levels
● Precision data box:transmission accuracy 80 seconds~12 minutes,transmission ratio 1~500,output torque 5N.M~1000N.M
● Body joint:Rated efficiency greater than 80%,absolute positioning accuracy±0.05,maximum acceleration 360°/s
The cutting tool class
● Fixed units of national industrial layout(small size M0.8~M8)
● With independent intellectual property rights,the standard of international first-class new products are industrialization
● Complete variety(tap class,milling cutter class,reamer class,alloy class,special tools,etc.)
● Industry famous brand(National Silver Award,Shaanxi Province famous brand products,industry influence,market share top three)
● Core technology(multiple core patents,test and verification platform,heat meter processing)
Mold class
● The founder of multi-station progressive die:In 1983,it developed 46 station electron gun progressive die for Rainbow Electronics Group,which replaced the import
● Compile 2 national standards and 8 ministerial standards
● Progressive die technology:motor stator rotor,automobile clutch,bomb type progressive die
● Own a number of core technologies:National Science and Technology Progress Second Prize,a number of invention patents
Jigs and fixtures class
● Intelligent manufacturing flexible quick change tooling:zero positioning,static pressure expansion tooling
● Technology precipitation,professional road(CNC machine tool,intelligent production line)
● International quality:OEM for Germany Hoffman,Japan MISUMI and other international famous brands