The company held the 2019 annual technical meeting

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On the afternoon of January 14,the company held the 2019 annual technical work meeting.Company leaders,all middle-level cadres and engineering and technical personnel of each unit attended the meeting.The meeting was presided over by Lu Yu,deputy party secretary and general manager.
At the meeting,the party secretary of the company,chairman of the cattle junqi made a topic"strict research and development process,stimulate technical thinking"speech.Chairman Niu said,today,we hold the 2019 annual technical meeting,summarize the experience of technical work over the past year,but also to face the problems existing in our technical work,create an atmosphere of innovation,enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises.At the same time,we celebrate advances,set examples,and inspire others to forge ahead on the fraught technological path.
Chairman Niu pointed out that the reason why enterprises have to strictly research and development process,one is the requirements of market environment;Second,the need for the reform of state-owned enterprises;Third,the company needs to survive.The main problems of the technical work in 2019 are as follows:First,there is no change of concept and no attention to the R&D process;Second,the lack of learning and understanding of the process;Third,there are problems in action.To be strict with the process,one is to understand the process,comb the train of thought;Second,leaders take the lead in learning,understanding and implementing the process;Three is to do all kinds of evaluation,promote the design quality;Fourth,focus on the key,promote the implementation of the process;Fifth,promote research and development project system,promote technical work.
Chairman Niu stressed that in 2019,with the basic completion of our project construction,the production equipment,inspection and testing means of each unit are also constantly improved.In 2020,technological breakthroughs must be made in order to translate equipment advantages into market advantages.The research and insurance department should give full play to the role of innovation platform and realize effective communication through special meetings.The majority of technical personnel should go deep into the front line,go deep into the laboratory,use tests to find gaps,find reasons,use technical documents to improve their logical thinking,systematic thinking ability.Veteran comrades should play a leading role,develop the enterprise,achieve their own achievements,so that our research and development work has a qualitative change.
The cattle chairman said finally,god rewards those who work hard.Comrades who are struggling in the technical position,let us use the R&D process to stimulate our technical thinking;With hard work in exchange for our fruitful results;With the attitude and style of"good at learning,rigorous and pragmatic,drawings speak,products convince people",win the respect of colleagues;With excellent technical documents,high quality goods to win the respect of the market,for the achievement of their own,the development of the enterprise and strive!
At the meeting,General Manager Lu read out the"National Development and Reform Commission,the Ministry of Science and Technology,the Ministry of Finance,the General Administration of Customs and the State Administration of Taxation"issued by five departments to award the company"national enterprise technology center"notice.Subsequently,Chairman Niu and Vice General Manager Li jointly inaugurated the"National Enterprise Technology Center".
Li Jianmin,deputy general manager,made a technical work report entitled Practice Corporate Culture,Practice Research and Development Process and Improve the Quality of Technical Work.He summarized and evaluated the technical work of the company in 2019 and arranged and deployed the main tasks in 2020.
Xu Wei,secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection,read out the company's"Decision on Commending 2019 Excellent Technical Workers and Excellent Scientific and Technological Achievements".The leaders at the meeting awarded MEDALS and certificates to 6 outstanding technical workers and 11 representatives of outstanding scientific and technological achievements and intellectual property awards.Excellent science and technology workers on behalf of the transmission business Bai Ni,cutting tool factory Cai Chengxin made exchange of experience respectively.