Use quality thinking to improve work efficiency

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Chairman Niu stressed in the company's 2019 annual quality work conference--
Use quality thinking to improve work efficiency
On the morning of January 14th,the company's 2019 annual quality work meeting was held in the conference room on the fifth floor.More than 100 people attended the meeting,including company leaders,all middle-level and above leading cadres and quality inspectors of each unit.The meeting was presided over by Xu Wei,secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission.
At the meeting,the party secretary of the company,chairman of the cattle junqi made a topic"with quality thinking,improve work efficiency"speech.Chairman Niu said,today we hold annual quality work,the purpose is to summarize the experience of quality work in a year,commend advanced,face the problem,build quality atmosphere,constantly improve work efficiency,improve product quality.
Chairman Niu pointed out that the company is facing three window periods:the national macro policy window period,the industrial structure adjustment window period,the company platform equipment window period.We must seize the good opportunities in these three window periods and take advantage of the trend to promote the high-quality development of the company.
Chairman Niu said that quality is to meet the customer's clear needs and potential demand degree.Requirements for quality work:First,clear needs of customers should be sorted out;Second,to tap the potential needs of customers;Third,the clear needs and potential needs of customers should be refined into design inputs,summarized into product function and performance requirements,namely product standards;Fourth,to meet the product standards through the whole process of comprehensive testing;Fifth,we must constantly improve and revise product standards to adapt to the changing needs of customers.Quality thinking is the basic principle and train of thought of quality management.The main performance:one is the ISO9001"seven principles"(customer focus,leadership,full active participation,process method,continuous improvement,evidence-based decision,supply chain management)systematic,logical thinking;The second is the closed-loop thinking of PDCA(plan,implement,check,improve).
Chairman Niu pointed out that the main problems existing in the quality work in 2019:First,the material basis of quality work has been improved,but needs to be improved;Second,the quality consciousness still stays on the slogan,not internalized in the heart,externalized in the line;Third,the understanding of the program file is not in place,and the actual work of two pieces of skin.
Chairman Niu stressed that the quality work in 2020 should be carried out from four aspects:one is to constantly sublimate the company's quality culture;The second is to improve the quality of the working conditions;Three is to optimize the program file;Fourth,focus on key points and deepen quality work.
Cow chairman finally said,comrades,quality is the lifeline of an enterprise.Quality thinking is objective and closed-loop logical thinking.Let us learn,feel quality thinking,enhance our courage to face the problem and the ability to analyze the problem,from reducing costs,improve performance,to meet customer needs to continue to innovate our quality work,to achieve the company's leapfrog development,for our own live more confident and strive!
,deputy party secretary,general manager Lu Yu titled"the in-depth practice of enterprise quality culture,advance the company high quality development,"the quality of the work report,reports from the main work carried out in 2019,the main problems,in 2020,the main work from three aspects of comprehensive system,objective and fair to summarize and evaluate the work of a company in 2019,The main quality work for 2020 has been arranged and deployed.
At the meeting,the party committee member,deputy general manager Li Jianmin read out the company"on the recognition of 2019 quality management advanced and excellent QC activity results of the decision".The participating leaders awarded MEDALS and certificates to the two advanced quality management units,10 outstanding quality staff,inspectors and 8 outstanding QC achievement representatives respectively.On behalf of Yang Yuan of mold business division and Fan Wengang of equipment branch factory,excellent quality staff and inspectors respectively made a speech on the exchange of experience.