The company will hold the 2020 annual work meeting and staff congress

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On January 19th,the company held the 2020 work meeting and staff congress.Company leaders,middle-level cadres,representatives of all workers and advanced individuals in recognition of the transmission company,vice minister of the above cadres,branch managers stationed abroad 125 people attended the meeting.
The main tasks of this conference are as follows:Guided by Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era,fully implement the spirit of the Group's 2020 annual work meeting,summarize and review the work in 2019,analyze the current development situation,arrange and deploy the work tasks for 2020,mobilize all cadres and employees,change the model,improve efficiency,deepen reform and release efficiency,Strive to create a new situation of high quality development of the company.
At the meeting,Niu Junqi,secretary of the Party Committee and chairman of the company,conveyed the spirit of the Group's 2020 work meeting and the second and third congress,and made a speech titled"mechanism change increases vitality and technological innovation gather kinetic energy".The speech was divided into four parts:an overall assessment of the work done in 2019,an analysis of the current situation,and the main work and requirements for 2020.
Chairman Niu pointed out that in 2019,the company continued to deepen the"three outstanding,three effective"work ideas,marketing mode,production mode,research and development mode"three mode"transformation as the starting point,promote the concept and method change,product and process change,process and efficiency change,has achieved good results.At the same time,we must be soberly aware that all our work is still in a stage of climbing uphill and surmounting obstacles.Although we have solved some problems,the problems we face will only become more acute and deepen.The basic contradiction of our company has not changed,that is,the contradiction between employees'expectations of salary income and the low per capita sales income.The reasons for the contradiction are as follows:First,the brand promotion is ineffective;Second,the market development is not systematic and proactive enough;Third,product development,ideas and methods urgently need to change,new product development is slow;Fourth,the backward mode of production and low efficiency.These problems call for our hard work.
Chairman Niu said that at present,the world is undergoing profound changes unseen in a century and is undergoing a transition between old and new drivers of growth.China is in a crucial period of transforming the growth model,improving the economic structure,and changing the drivers of growth.The basic trend of steady growth and long-term growth will not change.The development plan of the company is:seize an opportunity,rely on three platforms,and strengthen four fields.That is to grasp the historic opportunity of"Made in China 2025";By relying on the resource gathering platform of"mass innovation and innovation"of the national industrial chain and the university-enterprise joint research center of"four main bodies and one union"at the provincial level,we can realize talent gathering.Relying on state-level engineering research center and state-level enterprise technology center,we will achieve breakthroughs in core technologies.Relying on national-level intelligent manufacturing projects,the transformation of production mode is realized.Leading the core parts industry of dual-purpose robot in China;Promote the localization of high speed and high precision cutting tools for high-grade CNC machine tools;Develop core basic components and components industries of artificial intelligence and intelligent manufacturing;Developing medium-and high-end gear(automobile,wind power)industries for emerging industries.Be the industry leader,to realize the enterprise vision of"the leader of the reducer industry,the famous brand of the die and mould industry".
Chairman Niu pointed out that in 2020,the company should adhere to the"three outstanding,three effective"work ideas,and constantly deepen the corporate culture;We will open up and cooperate with the outside world and carry out accurate assessment at home.Accelerate the transformation of the"three modes"to maximize the release of project efficiency;Strict process management,improve work quality and product quality;Gather enterprise core competence(TQCS)constantly,strive to achieve high quality development of the company.First,we should continue to promote the transformation of the"three major"models and improve efficiency.Second,to continue to promote the project construction,enhance the aftereffect;Third,vigorously promote the accurate assessment,the implementation of responsibilities;Fourth,to carry out the reform of salary system,effective incentive;Fifth,we need to vigorously promote structural reform and stimulate vitality.Sixth,it is necessary to improve information engineering construction and standardize management.
Chairman Niu put forward four requirements:First,to change the concept,enhance confidence,to ensure the completion of the annual target task;Second,we should stick to the strategy,strengthen technology,and gather the momentum of enterprise development.Third,to promote the brand,open up the market,and build a new marketing system;Fourth,we need to strengthen Party building,not cross the red line,and deepen the integration of Party building and business.
Chairman Niu finally stressed that comments and complaints can not change our current situation.Only by facing problems and solving problems can we live with more confidence.In the year of 2020,let's seize every moment and make good use of our determined efforts to overcome the uncertain problems.Let's work together to move forward the more difficulties we face,and strive for the high-quality development of our company and a better life for everyone!
General manager Lu Yu made a work report entitled"change mode,improve efficiency,deepen reform,release efficiency,strive to create a new situation of high-quality development of the company",the report from the deepening of the"three prominent three effective"work ideas,to complete the annual main business objectives;The transformation of the"three modes"has achieved initial results.The"regulation of enterprises"has been deepened."Talent to strengthen the enterprise"has achieved remarkable results;"Quality wins"continues to deepen;"Project pulling"has achieved remarkable results;Reform and restructuring were carried out in an orderly manner.Party building work innovation and development;Nine areas,including improving employee well-being,summed up the work of 2019.And from adhering to the"three outstanding,three effective",clear development path;Practice corporate culture,promote the transformation of the three modes;To promote the governance of enterprises according to regulations and create an orderly working atmosphere;Strengthen the quality of winning,play the role of process management;Implementing talent to strengthen the enterprise,constructing innovative talent team;Continue to"pull the project",release the project construction efficiency;Deepen reform and restructuring,stimulate the vitality of enterprise development;The 2020 work has been arranged in eight areas,including strengthening Party building and leading the sustainable development of enterprises.
At the meeting,Li Jianmin,deputy general manager,read out the"decision of the company on the recognition of advanced collectives and advanced individuals".Yan Zhutuan,Minister of Human Resources,reported the"2020 Employee Salary Adjustment Plan".
The conference commended and rewarded the group company and all kinds of advanced collectives and advanced individuals in 2019.Xie Jinqi from mold business department,Zhang Guanghong from equipment branch factory and Yan Hangwei made a speech on behalf of advanced individuals at the meeting.
At the meeting,the chairman of the cattle and the head of the grass-roots units signed the annual target responsibility.The delegates also held group discussion and deliberation on the work report of General Manager Lu,the Employee Compensation Adjustment Plan for 2020 and the Collective Agreement on Wages(Draft).The General Assembly voted to adopt the 2020 Employee Compensation Adjustment Plan,the Collective Agreement on Wages(Draft)and the General Assembly Resolution.
Conference call,all the staff of the company to conscientiously implement the spirit of the conference,determined goals,full of energy,unite to work hard,in order to achieve the"reducer industry leader,the famous brand of the die industry"enterprise vision and struggle.