The company has taken a number of measures to ensure epidemic prevention and control and resumption of work and production

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In order to further do a good job of resuming work and production and epidemic prevention and control,cut off the transmission route of the virus,protect the life safety and health of employees,so that all the work of the enterprise can be carried out orderly.Recently,the Party committee of the company,in accordance with the requirements of governments at all levels and the epidemic prevention and control headquarters of the group company,has taken a variety of measures to carry out epidemic prevention and control and resume work and production,and achieved good results.
Since the Spring Festival holiday,the outbreak of novel coronavirus infection in Wuhan,Hubei province,has spread to the whole country.Company Party committee active action,reasonable planning,comprehensive deployment,overall arrangement,and actively respond to the epidemic.Checkpoints have been set up at community doorguards to prevent and control the epidemic,family leave is required to prevent and control the epidemic,identity cards are checked and registered for people coming and going in communities,their temperature is taken,and entry and exit cards are issued,and only one person per household is allowed to go out of communities to buy daily necessities.All places of activity in the community will be closed.Epidemic prevention and eradication will be carried out comprehensively.People in the community will not be allowed to gather and chat.All private cars in the community only out of the requirements,strict control.Community residents'committees migrants in screening,register and report relevant information,property company every day in the living areas and ways of production and epidemic prevention,Wu Bao department strict temperature test for each in the community staff register,party work through the radio,Intranet,WeChat group propaganda form of epidemic prevention and control knowledge,various units to work together,common prevention and control.
Since the company resumed work,the company has strictly implemented the requirements of the Group and the local government on the resumption of work and epidemic prevention and control.On the one hand,the company has purchased materials for prevention and control through various channels,provided disinfecants to the grass-roots units,and issued masks to the staff.On the other hand,we constantly urge the promotion of all aspects of production and operation.Units in grasping the production and business operation,grasping the epidemic prevention and control,in an effort to complete production tasks at the same time,actively organize party members and cadres to the production field epidemic prevention sanitizers work,ensure that staff report to work wearing masks,not gather to chat,and through the propaganda banners,approved,slogans,such as unit work group of forms to publicize the epidemic prevention and control knowledge.The armed protection department of the company strictly controls the gate of the factory,and checks and registers the temperature of each employee who enters the production area.The production security department shall spray and disinfect the office building,public health area,corridor,meeting room,office,toilet and other places in the production area.Leaders of the company every morning and afternoon adhere to the basic level of the implementation of the epidemic prevention measures and production and operation of the plan for inspection,effectively ensure the smooth progress of the company's production and operation.