The company carries out national safety education activities

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April 15 is the fifth National Security Education Day for all.In order to strengthen the national security awareness of the employees,the company has carried out a series of publicity and education activities according to the requirements of the superior.
On April 9,from the beginning,the company is set up national security series display boards,general secretary of publicity xi important speech on national security,national security laws and regulations,and it is the responsibility of citizens to national security obligations,advocates broad worker national security awareness,implement the maintenance national security consciousness in daily work,completes the confidentiality,security,stability and so on actual work,To make due contributions to safeguarding national security.
In view of the epidemic prevention and control requirements this year,the central group of the Party committee of the company adopts the online learning mode to carry out activities.On the morning of April 15,the central team conducted national security education through video sessions,and studied the National Security Law,Counter-Espionage Law,Counter-Terrorism Law and the column of"Xi Jinping on Overall National Security"published by the People's Daily.In combination with their respective businesses,they expressed their feelings and discussed ways to keep secrets well and safeguard national security.
In addition,the company also through the broadcast,Intranet,WeChat platform and other ways to publicize national security knowledge,for the majority of workers and the masses to build a good atmosphere for national security.