[Company News] The company's precision harmonic reducer technical transformation project has passed the acceptance

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December 31,the company held a precision harmonic reducer technical transformation project acceptance meeting.The project acceptance team composed of relevant experts of the Group and its subordinate units attended the meeting,and the leaders of the company and the principal persons in charge of relevant departments attended the meeting.The project acceptance meeting was presided over by Che Tao,the director of the Group's Business Planning Department.
At the acceptance meeting,the project acceptance team will first listen to the report on the construction of the project.Company research security minister zhang zhe precision harmonic reducer technical renovation project of the main work,from the project general situation,project implementation,financial statements,the completion of the project construction quality and the archive,technical and economic analysis,production preparation,environmental protection,fire protection and labor safety and evaluation of project summary report eight aspects.Li Hongxia,Deputy Minister of Finance Department,made a report to the inspection team on the final account basis of the technical transformation project,the accounting system and rules of the enterprise,the use of investment funds,the use of special funds,the transfer of assets and the operating benefits,etc.