【 Company News 】 On the first day of work after the holiday, the company leaders supervised the work and checked the construction situation

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February 20th is the first day of work after the Spring Festival,the company party secretary,chairman Niu Junqi,general manager Song Dajun,secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection Xu Wei,general manager assistant Li Weiqing and other company leaders in-depth production line supervision work,and check the start of each unit.
A work in the morning,cow,chairman of a line of weihe youdao successively came to the company,cutting tool factory,machine tool accessories factory,tap factory,heat treatment plant,equipment,plant,mold department,mold department,transmission company unit supervision work,and talk to the main leaders of each unit,detailed understanding of personnel to start,equipment utilization and production management,etc.Chairman Niu pointed out that we should take the plan as the foundation,further strengthen management,continue to deepen the"three modes"transformation,improve the standard research and development and industrialization of research and development results;Want to go out to run the market,strive for more orders,give play to the role of new equipment,improve the utilization rate of equipment,accelerate the release of capacity,promote the improvement of economic efficiency.
At present,the main production units of the company are full of production tasks,staff to the post,equipment start-up operation is normal,the production and management order is good,the majority of cadres and staff are fighting on their respective posts,for the completion of the first quarter of the tasks and hard work.