[Company News] Governor Liu Guozhong visited Weihe Company for investigation

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On July 18th,Governor Liu Guozhong of Shaanxi Province,Vice Governor Zhao Gang,Vice Governor and Secretary of Baoji Municipal Party Committee Xu Qifang visited Shaanxi Weihe Mould&Mould Co.,Ltd.for investigation.Group company deputy party secretary,general manager Ren Jinliang,Weihe company party secretary,chairman of the Niu Junqi accompanied the investigation.
Governor Liu Guozhong inspected the intelligent manufacturing workshop of the robot harmonic reducer of Weihe Company in detail,and had a deep understanding of the intelligent flexible wheel production line,rigid wheel production line,shell production line,digital assembly line,intelligent tool library,digital stereo library,digital laboratory operation and small tool research and development.While inspecting,Governor Liu Guozhong inquired about the development situation of the company,the product technology,main performance and market share of the robot harmonic reducer.Niu Junqi,Party secretary and chairman of Weihe Company,reported the company's general situation,product categories and product application fields to Governor Liu,and introduced the achievements of the company's intelligent manufacturing workshop project construction from the aspects of harmonic reducer product benchmarking research and development,product characteristics,market development and production situation.Governor Liu of the company in recent years to the development of affirmation,he said:Weihe company small tool products standard research and development effect is remarkable,the product can replace the import;Although the volume of harmonic reducer is small,but its technical content is high,modern industry cannot do without it.In particular,the technology level of the reducer products of Weihe Company has been in the leading position in the industry,which is a typical specialized new special project and should be developed vigorously.Governor Liu encouraged the company to strengthen its confidence in development,focus on the industry and market demand,carry out technological breakthroughs,and create more high-tech products with core competitiveness.
In the subsequent symposium,Liu Guozhong pointed out that General Secretary Xi Jinping was very concerned about the development of Shaanxi's manufacturing industry,and pointed out the direction for us to move forward and put forward clear requirements in his important speech during his inspection visit to Shaanxi.We must learn to grasp xi general secretary of the important speech,deep understanding of"around the deployment of innovation chain,around innovation chain layout industry chain"of the profound connotation,to"double chain interaction",play advantage,make up the short,the industry should be improved to be the pioneer of basic ability and level of the industrial chain,to build the province's manufacturing high ground.We should step up research and development on core basic components and components and key basic materials,strengthen research on advanced basic technologies,and strengthen the training and introduction of leading R&D personnel and skilled craftsmen to consolidate the technological foundation of our industries.
Fang Weifeng,Secretary General of the provincial government,Lan Jianwen,Deputy Secretary General,Zhang Xiaoguang,Director of the Provincial Development and Reform Commission,Zhang Zongke,Director of the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology,Liu Bin,Director of the State-owned Asset Supervision and Administration Commission of the province,Hui Jincai,Mayor of Baoji City,Su Shaomin,Secretary of the Party Committee of Qishan County,Wang Haigang,Director of the Management Committee of Caijiapo Economic Development District,and other leaders accompanied the survey.