Company party members cadres and workers actively participate in various forms of Lei Feng activities

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March 7 is the company to learn Lei Feng activity day,the company's Party branches,units in accordance with the spirit of the notice of the Party committee,actively organize the majority of Party members,cadres and youth workers,participate in various forms of learning Lei Feng activities,with practical action,in the ordinary post carry forward the spirit of Lei Feng.
At 9 o'clock in the morning,the company's cadres,Party members and youth league members as well as workers in different ways to participate in the activities of learning Lei Feng.In the face of tight production and busy tasks,the departments of tap factory,cutting tool factory,machine tool accessories factory,equipment factory,mold business division and transmission business division organize front-line workers to work overtime to carry out production and complete tasks.At the same time,the organization of second-line Party cadres and workers to organize the warehouse,clean indoor and outdoor environmental hygiene.Under the condition of overtime production in some processes,the mold and frame business unit,the heat treatment branch factory,the gear business unit,the motor company and other units shall organize Party members,cadres and workers to sort out and clean the storehouses and production sites of the units,and thoroughly clean up and carry out the waste materials,weeds and garbage in the surrounding sanitary areas of the units.Administrative organs between the party branch,branch,sell a security in production,technology,property management companies,community residents'committees and other logistics units,organize party members and cadres and workers learn lei feng activities in the form of the voluntary labor,some unit organization to epidemic prevention and control plant disinfection,some units hygiene clean the meeting room,office,Some units organize the warehouse to carry materials,plant flowers and trees.After a morning of hard work,the company's production site and environmental health features have been more obvious change.
Through the development of this activity,the company's majority of Party members and cadres workers in the ordinary work carried forward the spirit of Lei Feng,but also highlighted the staff love and dedication,selfless dedication spirit,conducive to promote the company's spiritual civilization to create the work of the development.